You  intend to write for professional or personal purposes. We will look together for appropriate words and expressions  so as to make sure that the results will be satisfactory and efficient.

I will do my utmost in order to provide advices for your writings in a respectful way.

You need to write an application form and a covering letter for a new job.
You intend to write a summary, a report according to your activities.
You are very busy with your job, your position in your firm. You are running out of time.
Due to those different concerns, I will carefully examine your request, in order to meet your requirement.
I will also examine demands transmitted by local communities and will suggest proposals   for writings such as reports, minutes of a general meeting.
Whether you have to write to your lessor, a bank manager or your insurance company, you might need some suggestions.
I will carefully study your demands and make proposals  which should suit you and your interests.